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A couple shots from last week’s baby outing. Thanks to Lisanne and Dennis for inviting us over.

Aerial View of Baby Central

I took a pocket camera instead of the big Nikon (trying to disguise myself as non-geek Dad…right) and most everything I know about shooting photos with the big camera doesn’t really scale down as well to the dinky cam. But a fuzzy picture is better than none at all I guess.

After yesterday’s picture of Zane in teething sadness we played together some more, he drank milk, took another nap, and then things calmed down quite a bit. We had a nice quiet evening in the family room and then the last feeding and an attempt at putting him to bed around eight.

For the last three nights Zane has been sleeping all night. The caveat being that it’s been a challenge to get him to sleep at his normal 7-8 timeframe, instead he holds out until nine, or even later. I don’t know what’s up with that, maybe his Mom’s sleep genes are kicking in? Whatever it is I’m not liking it as he’s moving closer and closer towards my bedtime. Also, I don’t get to see him in the morning when I leave, which doesn’t seem right. Still, he’s sleeping up to eleven hours non-stop.

Saturday Faith and I (and Zane, no babysitter) took a CPR class. I hadn’t taken one since my Radio/Air Force days so it was a good refresher, especially considering that they changed the technique. Zane was winding up for teething all day Saturday and was in a high pitched mood, squealing like crazy. He did ok at the class, but needed to be distracted most of the time.

I mentioned that he’s been getting up on all fours. Here’s a web cam shot from the other day when he was airing out, baby derrière au natural.

Z Moon