Baby Big Eyes

Baby Big Eyes

Another gratuitous Zane movie has been posted to our Web Gallery. I’ve also published the screensaver photos so you can browse, view as a slideshow, or download them. All Zane, all of the time.

Zane and I and the movie camera are trying to work out our timing. Two nights ago I was holding Zane and told him that his Aunt Laura said he had no neck, and what did he think of that? Surprisingly he started telling me. In detail. “Wow!” I thought, “I have to film this.” Reached over, grabbed camcorder, flicked it on, positioned things, hit record, and Zane went totally silent. A time before that he was squeaking and squawking while I taped him, only to find that dad hadn’t hit the record button.

Yesterday he was being a chatterbox again. I grabbed and turned on the camera, made sure to hit record, and captured the whole thing to share with you. It was perfect. Or so I thought. Seems you can hit the record button too soon. The camera wasn’t ready to go into record and couldn’t be bothered to remember that it should when it was finally ready (who designs these things?). What you see in the movie is what transpired when I finally noticed that there wasn’t a blinky record light.

Which is why I prefer the photo camera.

Zane is 3.5 months old, weighs around 12lbs 12oz, and is a wiggler. He is starting to wiggle down and out of his car seat. The seat has been Faith’s favorite mobile crib and I’m sure she’s bumming about his growing ability to escape it.

Zane really likes to stand. Flying is fun, too, but standing and stomping feet is the best. His right leg is the leader, strong, with a foot that lays flat and grips/balances surfaces. The left leg is more casual about the whole standing thing, with a foot that sometimes likes to tilt a little. Frankly I suspect the left leg would rather take a nap and save the walking for next month. If both legs had the right leg’s motivation and skill we’d be chasing him down the hall already.

He’s also been working on his Vocal Vigor. I’ve been calling him baby Pterodactyl due to some of the sounds. As for talking, he goes off on long tangents of complex and seemingly cohesive conversations, with or without one of us talking back. Mostly, I think, it involves telling us exactly what he thinks about his Aunt Laura and her no-neck theory.