Liam Foster Baird Kitchel

Congratulations and welcome goes out to Faith’s friend Katie and their new baby boy, Liam. Liam was born on Tuesday, seven weeks after Zane and about two weeks or so after he was due. No specifics on weight, length, etc.. but it looks like Mom, Baby, and Dad are doing great. I remember this scene from Zane’s birth: they zip the baby over to a french fry warmer to wipe, poke, prod, and inspect it. It gets its first swaddle and a jaunty little hospital issue hat before being handed back over to Mom and/or Dad.

Now, the next picture features a little bit older baby and comes from Faith’s friend Ellen, probably a few years ago (i.e. the baby is now walking and must be restrained by other means).

I think Ellen sent the picture as an example of an advanced swaddling technique? As she put it, “Silence is golden, but Duct tape is silver.”

Ellen's Swaddle Technique

And, lest I get yelled at by my siblings for not posting a picture of their nephew, here’s the little crawly fellow himself. Still sporting the slash he inflicted a few days ago, but otherwise he has smooth and soft baby skin. Also, I’m not sure I’d call it “crawling” as much as I’d call it wiggling with good intentions.

Crawling Zane: 7 weeks