Babble Boy

Smiley Tongue Very Interesting...

I couldn’t choose which photo I liked best, so you get both of them, untouched, with all of the food and slobber and booger bits that we are becoming accustomed to.

Yesterday I mentioned his attempts at talking over the past couple of days. I’d also recorded some but hadn’t checked it out yet. Basically Zane was on my lap in the computer room and started babbling. I’m looking around trying to think of the quickest way to record this and saw the camcorder. With one hand on baby the other hand surreptitiously turned on the camcorder, tried to position it, and start recording. The short movie below is the result. Video is pretty pathetic (I turned it to B&W since it was low-light and grainy) but the essence of Babble Boy is mostly captured.

A few seconds after the video was captured I turned the camcorder’s viewfinder around so the angle could be better adjusted to show Zane. He saw that and clammed right up, not another peep out of him from then on.

Babble Movie