Attitude Adjustment

Zane had his two year doctor’s appointment yesterday. It was either during the last appointment, when they weighed him using an old, cold plastic baby scale, or the time before that when he got shots, that he decided the exam rooms are not fun places. The waiting room is great fun: toys, stairs, and an elevator. But once you go into the little room things start going downhill and the only solace is clinging to Dad and crying.

His stats are: 24 lbs (give or take), a little over 35” tall, and an 18” brain diameter (I think that’s what it ended up being…at one point they measured 40”). He’s consistently staying on his particular track with height and head-pan in the 70-80 percentile, while still in the 6 or so percentile for weight. I.E. tall, brainy skinny kid without any butt.

Here’s what our days and evenings sound like lately.

“Do you want some water?” Nooooo
“Does your diaper need to be changed?” Nooooo
“Where’s your shoe?” Nooooo
“Are you understanding anything I say?” Nooooo
“What’s your favorite word?” Nooooo
“Do you always say no?” …

Eventually the parent(s) will run out of funny ways to entertain themselves with Zane’s automatic response. It takes a while though, he’s so cute when he says no.

Being almost three feet tall let’s you get into more and more stuff. Yesterday towards the end of the doctor visit Zane opened the room’s door and walked right out. Didn’t even occur to me that he’d try. The pictures below show him shutting the family room door on his way out. He can open this door and I think he’s figured out the deadbolt too. We’re going to need to re-think the room’s security. Happily he hasn’t tried to crawl out of his crib or over any of the child gates. Also, despite his general climb-i-ness, he’s a pretty cautious kid.