At the Dentist

After a full weekend of excitement and action what better way to start off the new week than your first, real dentist appointment. Zane has accompanied me to the dentist a couple of times to “get him used to” the idea, but Tuesday was his very first real appointment (I know, because I had to fill out the paperwork). We both had appointments, but he got to go first. He did very well as they “counted” his teeth. See this really sharp instrument? It’s a tooth “counter!” Yeah, that’s it. Well, it worked and he was very cooperative through it all. He has two molars with a dark spot on top that we’ve been focusing on keeping clean. She said they were fine, no cavities, just really deep pits in the teeth that catch stuff and have gotten stained. To avoid them catching too much over the next five years she cleaned them out and put some kind of filler in so it’s not such a deep pit. That’s really the only time he squirmed, probably because it had a weird smell.

Afterwards he got toys to play with, a glove balloon, and other goodies while Dad had his teeth counted (scraped and abused!). Towards the end (1.5 hours total) you could tell he was getting a little bored, especially when he started wandering the office to talk to other doctors. He’s a social butterfly and is always heading off to talk to someone, fill them in on subways, trucks, play-doh, or whatever else is on his mind.