Art Easel

I ordered a drawing easel for Zane and it arrived yesterday. Here you can see Zane and Raz helping me set it up. Well, sort of. I finally told Raz to go lay down and get out of my face (literally) and then Zane spent the next five minutes complaining that Raz was laying partially on the box the parts came in. He was adamant that this wasn’t acceptable and mommy and daddy needed to tell Raz to move.

Once the easel was built (it has a roll of paper) we gave Zane some crayons and I helped him hold them correctly in both hands. That’s right, he had a crayon in each hand and then proceeded to alternate drawing with them. At one point was drawing with both hands at the same time. So while I think he tends to favor the left, he doesn’t seem to have any trouble using both. His drawings started off as nice little shapes, but then I made the mistake of drawing a snowman and from then on he concentrated on obscuring it as wildly as possible.