Are YOU my Mommy?

Ball head

The weather is finally starting to warm up lately and we’ve been venturing out with Zane for afternoon walks on a more regular basis. Yesterday we slid him into a fuzzy jumpsuit, plopped him into the backpack carrier Chris & Becky gave us, and waddled down the road as a family unit.

But first some shoveling. While waiting for Faith I got out the shovel to carve little drainage canals in the driveway. Zane LOVES shoveling. We first discovered this when his mom was shoveling ice at the end of the driveway and Zane busted up laughing. I think Mom was a little hurt at first, “No, really, he’s laughing at the shovel sounds.” So there I was yesterday, baby on board, shoveling canals of dirt to the accompaniment of insane laughter and wondering the same thing.

The walk was great: not too warm not too windy. We ran into Julie down the hill with her pack of bulldogs. There was a geriatric bulldog, a monster bulldog (115lbs!), and a pink bowed bulldog all weaving between our legs and snuffling.

Zane must have thought they were shovels because he laughed and laughed and laughed the whole time.