Apple Train!

In hindsight I’ve realized a neat way to track Zane’s growth: watching him play with trains. There’s this video from back before he was even one year old and was mostly an observer, to this one where’s he’s trying to stack the trains. There was a period where he only took the train set apart and we worked feverishly to rebuild. Then a period of playing with the trains and basically ignoring the track. Lately though he’s been carefully assembling and then pushing the trains around the track, scooting his butt along the floor, being extra careful not to mess up the rails. I should have been filming each of the stages, it would have made a great growing up montage.

Lots of words lately. I think his favorite ones are disciplining the dog: “sit down”, “no Raz” and so forth. BTW, Raz is now over eight pounds heavier than Zane, so he kind of has to rely on words to make his point. Zane’s still not stringing sentences together although he’ll now say a couple of words at a time. Faith reports that he said his first swear word yesterday, basically repeating what she had said. Man, I was sure I’d get that honor.

He’s still bonking on his butt to go down or crawling to get up the stairs. The handrail is just a bit out of reach so last week I made a Zane-sized handrail for him using PVC pipe. Maybe it needs faux woodgrain or something because he really doesn’t want to have anything to do with it.