Apple or Pear?

We went to the apple orchard on Sunday. Zane rode the “hay” wagon out to the orchards. It was pulled by a tractor and I really think he liked the trailer more than the tractor. He’s really taken a shining to trailers lately. He then had a grand time picking apples and pears and consuming them, as you can see sometimes both at the same time.

Last night I took Raz out to play frisbee. Apparently Zane heard the word outside and pestered his mom to take him too. It’s not that I don’t like taking Zane out, it’s that neither he nor Raz pay much attention to anyone when the two of them are out together. Raz was doing a great job of catching and retrieving until Zane came out and then training was all over.

Well, for Raz. As you can see Zane is getting pretty good at retrieving.

Final shot from last night. I asked him to sit in his new chair (Mom got it for a few cents at a yard sale) for some new photos and he did! BTW, last night I poked around his mouth and discovered that one of his Second Molars on the bottom row is part of the way in. Heck, I’d all but forgotten that he had more teeth coming in.