Apple Fritter

Driving home from work yesterday I ran across Zane and Faith, out for a walk. Zane can pretty much spot our car now and is less than happy if I just keep driving home. But I did, and then jogged back to join them on the walk…Zane had turned around and was walking towards home/Dad already. We all had a great time, especially stopping to see the Boxers. Zane doesn’t yet get the concept that not all dogs are as enthusiastic about the meeting as he is. We’ve been working on that. Zane was giggling and trying to crawl all over the dogs while they warily transitioned between barking and being our buddies.

Eventually we are able to distract and extract the baby so as to continue the walk.

Faith had to bail out early to get ready for play practice so Zane and I just kept walking. Sort of. Shortly after his Mom turned around Zane got stuck on mailboxes. There’s a bank of nine mailboxes and he just stopped on the side of the road to contemplate them. “Woooaaaaooooaaaa” he said in earnest, motioning magnanimously with his non-apple arm. “Mailboxes,” I agreed, “Nine of them and also three newspaper boxes, which are sort of like mailboxes except they don’t get mail.” Poor kid, can’t get a straight answer. He stood on tiptoes, waved his arm even more dramatically, repeating his line. For my part I went on counting and describing the different colors, making sure he understood that these three green things aren’t really mailboxes.

Sometimes I pretend to know what he’s saying, but for the life of me there is no explanation for why we stood in front of the mailboxes for over five minutes doing that routine. Maybe he wanted me to check the mail so we could go back home? Maybe. But that doesn’t explain why he did the same thing a half a block further down the road where an empty car trailer sat, backed thirty feet into the woods. I explained it to him as best I could and we eventually continued our slow trek.

Later, he dropped the apple with the good fortune that it was on a section of frost-heaved, curved road in which the apple slowly rolled downhill in front of us. Zane stepped up his pace to catch it, while I kept an eye on traffic and potholes that might eat him.

I’ll wrap up today’s entry with a couple more photos from the excursion along with a snippet of Zane audio. We play chase/hide-n-seek most nights and a couple nights ago I had a microphone on the iPod and recorded him. This is the sound of Zane giving chase.