Another Whacky Weekend

Zane on the phone with his Grandparents, attempting to thank them for the dvd. He talks a little but, but often right after the phone has been removed.

Lots of things happening over the weekend, including an h1n1 inoculation to start off Saturday. There were dump runs, home depot, playgrounds, farmers market w/live music, his friend Amara came over on Sunday, there was a little I DIG DIRT, and really nice weather for all of this running around.

Oh, and I’ve been meaning to mention that he’s singing now. It started sometime after he began pre-school and has been slowly building up. First a few sing-songy words we couldn’t quite catch. Then snippets of Twinkle Twinkle Star or Itsy Bitsy Spider. If you watched last week’s I DIG DIRT video you could see him singing along a little bit. Well, on Saturday after running our errands and driving up the hill to the house he broke out in song and started singing almost all of the I DIG DIRT song. Very cute.