Another Saturday

Not sure where they are from but there’s often one or two stray balls at the playground. Zane starts to play with them and I’m never sure if they are owned by some of the other kids or more strays. He particularly liked watching some slightly older kids jump and bounce off of the big yellow ball. Then he picked up the nearly flat basketball and took it to the nearby court to try shooting hoops. We’re going to have to fill it with helium to help him get closer…

Zane has been doing lots of talking lately. On our drive to the dump yesterday he and I talked almost the whole way. Not really much of a conversation: me asking him if he’d like something and him replying with “no {whatever it was}”. For example:

M: “how about a nose hose?”

Z: “no nose hose”

M: “how about rock and roll hootchee coo?”

Z: “no rockrollhoocheeeooo”

It was fun trying to see how complicated a word he could repeat. Just before this exchange he was pointing out every mailbox we drove by and saying something like “‘nuther mailbox dinky.” I have no idea what the last word was, but it had “inky” in it or something like that. In trying to ask him what it was I tried “mailbox dinky” “mailbox pinky” and so forth, which started off our word exchange game when he started replying “no mailbox dinky” “no mailbox pinky.”

Last Wednesday he finally conquered the “stairs” leading up to the tall slide. They aren’t really stairs, just notches cut in a flat surface and I’d been trying to show him how to put a foot into one and the other foot into the next higher hole. As you’ll see in the movie he came up with his own approach. Oddly the ones that look the hardest — wobbly metal and chain ladder — he figured out months ago.