Another Hike

On the first half of the hike he was a total noise machine. Ok, strike that, he talks and yells ALL of the time! The second half I gave him the water backpack and he kept getting distracted by that. Overall, lots of running and jumping and over doing it. Here’s a map of the general area we went hiking, along with a bunch of places I’ve been biking this year.

Before the hike we went bike riding. It was in the local High School parking lot, with plenty of relatively flat asphalt for him to practice on. He keeps saying he wants to go Mountain Biking with me, but we haven’t gotten to the point of even thinking of taking off the training wheels. At one point there was a slight downhill slope and he froze. He didn’t want to ride his bike down it. He’d pedal an 1/8th of a turn then hit the brakes. Repeat. I think it took half an hour to go “down” this dangerous slope and afterward he drove faster on the main part of the parking lot. Kids.