Announcements Unsent...

Card We Never Sent

It’s funny because it is almost true. From an email I sent to Faith last month while playing around with new Mail templates in Leopard.

Busy weekend culminating in a huge snowstorm. I think it was Saturday Zane and I woke up from our naps, cried a little, and went to the co-op to pick up some food. We walked in and heard our names called. “So this is Zane. We see him on his website every day!” We chatted for a bit, Zane attempting to convince them that we’d turned him into a zombie by not smiling or moving, while Jerry wrestled creaky memory banks to recall who they were. Neither of us succeeded, sorry about that, I really shouldn’t be allowed in public. I couldn’t even tell Faith you said hello because I couldn’t remember anything (leave a comment/email and chew me out!). Hopefully Zane has his mom’s gregarious social skills.

Speaking of socializing, yesterday was the baby christmas party, or holiday party, or whatever it was called. We got to see some of our old friends: Gavin (6 m), Sebastian (1 y?), Caroline (10 m?), Omara (5 m), and Jasper (5 m, but his hair is at least 2 yrs!). Plus one new little girl (1yr) whose name escapes me. These parties are great not only for the getting together and sharing germs aspect, but also as a test ground for toys. Zane took an exer-saucer out for a test drive. There were blocks and rattles and stuffed animals and balls and chew things and mirrors and furniture with padded corners and the biggest, hairiest cat you ever saw.

Zane did fine, a little fussy at times, but ok. I was a little worried about him exploding…uh, from the other end. He hadn’t had a poopy diaper since the day before and dealing with one at someone else’s house didn’t seem like a good party favor. No worry, he was too busy concentrating on other things.

We got home with a sleepy/hungry baby, fed him a big serving of carrots and one of rice, along with milk and then he pretty much passed out. Oh, before I forget, we weighed him this weekend and he was 16 lbs. This morning we woke to four inches of new snow with more falling. Dad stayed home for a couple hours waiting for a ride, which turned out to be just long enough to experience the ultimate in poopy diapers! I mean, holy moly: HUGE! It was like an archaeological expedition with multiple strata, each with a unique color and texture.

Oh, and he now weighs 15.5 lbs.