Animated Character

One thing you’ll notice while conversing with Zane is that his hands are animated while he describes something. I don’t remember if I do this nor Faith, but he’s been doing it for quite some time.

Now this is while he’s explaining something to you, of course, not when you are asking him what he’d like for dinner. In the later case you are lucky if he responds at all, much less rationally. The other night he was asking for “scrambled french fries.” Fries with eggs? Cheesy fries? Tater tots? No, no, no. But when pressed for details he simply ignored us and asked for them again. Which pretty much summarizes communications with Zane these days: he’s either asking or demanding something, or ignoring everyone. Well, not totally true, he’ll chip in with a “No, I’m Zane O!” from time to time in case you’d forgotten or it sounds like you might be addressing him otherwise. We had a somewhat fun conversation a while back when I said he was the NO kid. He said “I’m Zane O!” and I replied with, “Zane, No?” This threw him for a bit and I think he realized what happened as he was very careful about enunciating the O in his reply.