Angry Birds Party

Yesterday was the birthday party and in preparation I decided to make angry birds cake (for those unfamiliar with the game here’s a quick intro video). Eventually I decided cupcakes would be easier to pull off … “easier” being completely subjective. Zane originally said “train cake!” and then changed to angry birds cake. Luckily, since there was extra cake mix, we ended up with a bunch of chocolate muffins, some gluten free muffins, and even a few train cars.

Once the cupcakes were done it was time to make a pig fortress, which luckily looks a LOT like Zane’s block set! Not shown is the other cake tray with trains, more generic muffins, and also the 5 candles he would blow out.

We rented a bouncy house and the weather turned out awesome. There were a total of 16 kids and 14 adults at the party. Bouncing, swinging, playing in the waterfall, trying to catch frogs, eating, playing with toys inside and out, and just generally kids everywhere doing everything. It was a blast. Zane was totally wound up by the time it was over, saying “Goodbye Mrs. Sausage” to everyone as they left.