And this is my play center ...

And this is my play center...

Zane’s teething this week has yet to produce any teeth, but we are optimistic. For one he’s been drinking a lot more milk. He’s been sleeping well, except for the one night a week that he wakes up a couple times.

I probably do Zane a disservice here in describing snippets of his days and not providing a breakdown of everything. In general Zane is a very happy and active little fella. Even on a teething day his “sad times” are a small fraction of the day. The majority of the time he plays, laughs, explores, and babbles. And of course he sleeps over half of each day.

Last night I was thinking about some of his traits and thought it would be good to try and capture them.

  • you can almost always get him to laugh by saying “ah-choo” or making “patooeee” type sound effects.
  • when mom or dad cough, Zane will look right at us and mimic the cough. I’m not sure if he’s being funny, thinks it’s a game, or what.
  • if I say “baby zane” he will almost always stop whatever he is saying/singing/babbling and say “da da” very seriously.
  • he “sings” back when I whistle. We have little back and forth sessions with me whistling a couple notes and Zane “singing” them back, or something sort of close.
  • gnawing on his belly or sides sends him into convulsions of laughter
  • he knows “sneaking.” He and I are always trying to sneak up on Faith or Tink. I’ll start tip-toeing down the hall, exaggerated cartoon style sneaking, and he gets a huge look of glee on his face while trying to be quiet. It never works, the quiet part that is, he’ll start giggling or breathing hard before we get close and yet he laughs and wiggles in delight when we surprise our prey.
  • seeing the kitty go by brightens up his face, when she gets close enough to touch it is like baby heaven
  • carrying him outside guarantees you’ll have a wiggling, excited armful each time. Doesn’t matter what you do, he likes going outside.
  • related to that, whenever he cries you can usually put an end to it by taking him to a window and letting him look out. Couple that with a quick “ah-choo” and he’ll be cheered up in no time.
  • orderly stacking cups drive him crazy: no matter how interested he is in another toy or book, putting orderly stacking cups nearby always causes him to drop what he’s doing long enough to un-order the cups.
  • peek-a-boo never grows old, no matter where or how it is played
  • he thoroughly investigates anything you give him, turning it over and over in his hands, as if it has infinite sides