And So It Begins

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Is that a mischievous grin or what? Zane learned a new trick while we were visiting Newburgh this the weekend: rolling over. Move your mouse over each step link above to watch the baby in action! (if you are on a slow connection it might take a while for all four images to load)

Zane has become very strong in the past week. I've half expected him to do a Bam-Bam and swing me around like Barney Rubble. When I hold him overhead to "fly" his whole body is taut, like a steel band, legs sticking straight out and neck craned.

On the day prior to the flip he'd started grabbing one arm's wrist with the other hand and tensing his body so that he curled upwards, into himself. Well, it turns out that this is his rolling over move. Once curled he pulls the arm and the whole body rolls that direction, which you can see in Step 2. It's then a matter of flattening out and extracting the trapped arm from under his body. I saw the first flip and it took a few minutes, by the third time he could transition from back to belly in less than a minute.

Oh, and it doesn't matter if there isn't enough room to roll over because Zane can "crawl" on his back, kind of like a reverse inch worm. Put him on a couch or bed and he'll start working his butt and legs, inching his way to the edge.


All in all we had a great trip. Faith went to her High School reunion. Zane got to see his cousin Dana, Aunt Heather, and Uncle John again. It's a four, four and a half hour drive down there and he got a little bit fussy during parts of it (probably itching to practice his moves!). Note to ourselves: singing American Pie seems to help.