An Afternoon of Exploration

Even though yesterday was Zane and my normal day out I had the morning “off” to help some friends move. After that exercise it was time to watch Zane (more like put both of us to bed for a nap) and later we went into town for some playground adventures. Nobody was there so Zane took it upon himself to explore the nearby area, as partially shown in the long video below. The picture above shows one of Zane’s hanging maneuvers. He had me lift him up to each bar height, but seldom hung long enough for me to take a photo and I’d only let him drop on his own from the two lower heights.

Afterwards we had dinner, played in the yard (in which Zane got “slug poop” on his fingers, which is nigh unwashable), tried to catch frogs, got knocked over by Raz, and then went inside to enjoy a hard earned lollipop. Halfway through it the top came off the stick, so he kept handing the “parts” to me with a “daddy fix it?” plea. I think this is the second lollipop he’s ever had and this one has been hanging around for quite a while.