Always Busy

Finally had a short break in the wet weather and Faith took Zane out for his first bike ride. She reports that it was the best ride ever!

It’s always a good day when you get to play with the one flashlight in the house with working batteries. This is an LED flashlight that can take days and days of kid use without the batteries becoming drained. This time he was experimenting with shadows. We even went to his room, shut the shades and door, and made big and little shadows on the wall. We also experimented with shining it through things, like hands and paper, to see what would happen.

Finally, the big “new” thing this week is our new iPad 2. Ostensibly it was purchased for daddy to do some work on and for future family trips. But, as he informed people before we went to pick it up, it’s Zane’s new green iPad! He really, really wants it to be his very own. I got a call at work Thursday from him, “Daddy, where’s my green iPad? May I have it back, please?” When he says please without prompting or a reminder you know it’s serious. His current favorite is a physics puzzle game called Casey’s Contraptions.