Alternate Views

Been meaning to mention that Zane’s really been blossoming verbally over the past week. He’s started constructing sentences, short but concise, to ask for or describe things. Zane also likes to say “goodbye!” to lots of things, like a root stump on our hike in the woods, a puddle, the dog, an airplane flying over, and even one of us when he really wants us to go away. He’s developing the concept of places and people, where he’ll ask to go outside or downstairs, or walk over to see Nancy.

What’s been tough these days is getting him to stop reading. When I put him to bed at night we read at least five or six stories and then a bunch of little go-to-sleep poems and he still wants more. If you go into the room later, either because he isn’t sleeping yet or because he woke up in the middle of the night, the first thing he’ll do is point to the bookshelf, “book, book!” Not that I’m complaining, just kind of hoping for the phase where he sits in bed with a flashlight reading books to himself.