Alphabet Cruizer

Mr. Feeds HimselfZane’s fever seemed to be gone yesterday morning and he enjoyed a more productive day. He still has a nasty sounding cough and you’d most likely think he looks in need of a good, long nap.

He and Faith even went out for groceries last night so no new Zane photo for today. This is from a few days back when I was trying to teach him about pedals and pedaling. It doesn’t help that he can’t reach them without first being scootched forward, but he also doesn’t have any knowledge yet of why one would want to mess with them. They don’t make much of a footrest, what with all of the rotating back and forth. And, really, what’s wrong with having Dad push the trike around the house for hours on end?

So, yeah, gotta mount some blocks of wood on the pedals so he can start using them all by himself. Any bets on how long before he’s riding three-wheeler around the house at high speeds?

Happy Birthday to Uncle Chris.