All The Changes

You’ll note that the trains are all in a nice row AND the track is in one piece. He doesn’t always do this, but lately he’s shown more of an interest in lining them up and even pushing them around the track a little. Quite a change from his destructo-matic approach to trains in the past.

Other changes, or amplifications, lately. He’s a real daddy’s boy some days. To the extent that it’s hard for me to leave a room (or the house) without him getting really upset. A few mornings now I’ll be at work watching the webcam as Faith tries to get him ready for the day and notice that he kind of loses it. NO, no diaper! No, no clothes! And he’s laying there naked in his crib, crying, inconsolable. This morning she hit on the bright idea of calling me and then handing the phone to Zane while she got him dressed. Just to give you an idea of how far his comprehension has improved, when he was all dressed I said, “Ok, time for me to go now” and he started crying.