All Grown Up Now

Sitting on chairs is the wave of the future, dude, all of the big kids are doing it. So is standing on your head on a chair, but we’ll save that for some other day. I took this while he was watching President Obama’s inauguration on TV. For the event he’s dressed in the latest in nascar, work-out, samurai outfits.

Zane’s fever went away yesterday without much of a clue into what it was. He seemed a little gassy leading up to and during the time, but otherwise the higher temperature and general unhappy whining appeared to be the main symptoms. Snuggling seemed to be one of the more effective treatments.

Not sure if it’s part of being sick or just getting closer to being a two year old, but he sometimes has moments of NOOO-ness, which consist of stubbornly pushing things away forcibly. I offered him a piece of pizza crust last night and he made the effort to walk across the family room just to shove it away. When I hid it he seemed satisfied, but showing it again caused him to walk over and push, push, push, with a little grunting and frustration thrown in. Not only didn’t he want the snack, he didn’t want it in his sight or even on the planet.

A few minutes later I held it up as he walked by and he reached out, grabbed it, and wolfed it down. Kids.