All Growed Up

Big Hunk of Bread

Apparently Zane decided that this was the week for milestones. He started it off showing a little top tooth progress (he’s practicing biting a hunk of baguette above). Then a couple days ago Faith called the office and told me that he had just crawled on hands and knees for the first time. Wednesday night he was pointing at his Monkey, which JJ says is an important milestone and I don’t recall him doing it so explicitly before. And then finally last night while crawling around the family room (some on belly, some on hands and knees), he scooted over to the couch where I was sitting and stood right up.

Let me repeat that: He Stood Up.

Sure, there was a little twisting and jockeying of feet and legs, but the end result is that he went from crawling to sitting to standing in less than a minute. Faith was dubious so he performed the trick for her in even less time.

Two more weeks until his first birthday, will he be walking by then?

Digging through cabinet