All Around The Crib

A collection of recent photos from the webcam. Zane is really aware of the camera these days and, I think, who’s behind it. He looks up at it when I turn the music on remotely and when I get him out of the crib after his nap he’ll often look at me and then point at the camera. Once he starts talking we’ll have to figure out what he knows. Faith suggests we make a webcam movie of his nap time, when he’s first put down and spends half an hour crawling, climbing, and zipping around his crib like a super ball. We’re sure he’ll never go down and yet somehow he slows down and eventually blinks out.

I hadn’t noticed Zane purposely putting hands behind his back until a few times this week. Yesterday after his nap while he was standing in his crib I asked if he was going to bounce and he started bouncing right away, with a big smile on his face. Other items that I can remember: he points a lot, grabs everything in reach (and some you’d swear weren’t), dances whenever catchy music comes on, smiles after he sneezes, sort of uses a fork to eat, makes pucker noises whenever he sees a fish (book, tv, and Faith thought he did it while she ate sushi last night) and panting noises for dogs, pretty much eats anything that’s green, and really chows down on the beet and prune blend Faith made.

We went out yesterday morning to do our weekly “mall” walking, this time through kmart. He likes to touch things when walking down the aisles, saying something with each one. It almost sounds like counting so I’ve been counting along. We made it as far as the xmas lawn ornament display and he kind of got stuck looking at, grabbing, and talking to the various blow up ornaments, wicker reindeer, and singing moose items on display. I was about ready to enact the baby relocation program (where they are air-dropped into another department) when he stopped and started grunting.

And me without a diaper handy. That was the end of the morning’s excursion. When we got home I took the following movie before we headed up to the changing table. I really like his sound effects and little hand motions. Obviously he needs something to read…but he’s on the right track!