All About Bedtime

Some nights Faith will start off by reading German to Zane. He may say, “No, no want to hear that book!” To which mommy says, “I’m going to read it. You are welcome to read one of your books.” And that’s what we see here, Zane studiously reading his books to the sounds of the German language.

This morning I peaked in on the camera and caught him just as he was waking. He stretched a bit, rolled over, sat up, and, after what appeared to be a few moments consideration, reached over and straightened the penguin doll. A pause and then he turned the frog pillow over so it was aligned properly as well. Now the frog, penguin, and rabbit were all on their backs, facing the same way, feet down. He started getting up, then turned around and rearranged the stuffed bear to fit with the rest. He’s never really shown any interest in stuffed animals but apparently if there’s going to be some hanging out, they’ll do so in an orderly manner!