Action Zane-O!

Friday night our friend Roseanne babysat while we went out for a nice dinner and quiet walk. We left while she fed him dinner and all we got in the way of a farewell was Zane waving a rattle our way, somewhat dismissively.

Ah, they grow up so fast…

That afternoon Zane and I got his race car bed (another great Tyler hand-me-down) out of the garage. It didn’t have a mattress yet, but we hauled it into the family room and set it up for Zane to play with and, apparently, for Raz as well. The pup thinks the bed is his and is always sproinging up into it to chew on a toy or on the bed covers. Zane wanders the edge of the bed identifying the lights and wheels, all by name. Oddly, the wheels don’t spin. Well, maybe not so odd. I suspect having Zane in his room spinning wheels all night instead of sleeping would grow old.

Saturday was another action day. First off we took Raz to the humane society for a puppy play date. This is more or less a free for all puppy get-together, meant to teach them socialization skills (and work off a little steam). Unfortunately with the nice weather outside none of the other puppy owners showed up and Raz only had one to play with, a four month old Blue Tick Hound. That turned out to be plenty, the two of them were a blur of running and wrestling and chewing and rolling dog masses for the next half hour.

After that we hit the playground for some Zane playing, then off to kmart to buy a race car bed mattress and let Zane zip around the aisles. Silly me, I used to think “wouldn’t it be GREAT when Zane can walk on his own so I don’t have to carry him?” Somehow I hadn’t imagined the part where he’d not want to walk the same direction and speed as the rest of us. Oh, well, good exercise for ALL of us!

Home for lunch and a nap, then back up for more action: running around the yard, going to another playground, and dog walks. I’ve compiled a little video with segments from yesterday Zane-O action. The running down slight incline game is something Zane invented all by himself. He also seems to be doing a countdown, which is something he and I do a lot of.

p.s. as an update, Zane currently weighs just shy of 24 lbs and near as we can tell is between 34 and 35 inches tall. Raz is either equal to or now slightly heavier than Zane. There’s also a tick mark on the height measuring wall for him…very approximate. Apparently kids and dogs both have an aversion to being weighed or having their height measured.