Action Z

The fever broke sometime in the night and he was mostly feeling better all of yesterday. To be on the safe side Faith stayed home from Yoga instead of going and dropping off Zane at their kid care. The rest did him good.

Zane’s been going through a verbal metamorphous lately. He has been saying a lot more words but even more impressive is he’s trying to string things into sentences. Some make a little sense and others are clearly placeholders for real ones on some later date. I was in the garage yesterday afternoon working on our little trailer. The wiring was messed up so I’d turned the whole thing over on it’s side, which turned a two foot high trailer into a six foot high “monster.” Zane walked into the garage, did a double take, and immediately launched into a very dramatic full sentence about something pointing his finger at the upended trailer for emphasis. He seemed a little upset, as if I’d messed up his favorite toy. Later, when the trailer was back on the ground and sitting outside I showed it to him through the family window and he watched it for a while, apparently comforted and wanting to be sure that didn’t happen again.

p.s. I put a ball under Zane’s shirt and he thought it was a very fun thing to have, and kept bringing it back for re-installation whenever it fell out.