A Varied Life

Sometimes his dad brings him to the store and lets him pick out his own “treat” which is usually some frightfully fluorescent donut product. And then his mom does her best to get him to eat or drink something healthier along with it. Hey, at least ALL of the frosting didn’t make it into his tummy…

From this weekend when we were at the playground. He goes to the top, he comes back down, but always on the same ladder he went up on.

Last Thursday I took him to his swim lesson and had the bright idea this time of taking a few pictures (and some movies). As you can see he’s very attentive in waiting for his turn. Although, he will usually take a few moments to talk to the boy next to him who has been not wanting to swim each week. Maybe what Zane said helped this time, as he finally got in the water for a few lessons with the teacher.