A Time To Rest

We hardly use the camera in his room these days, but every once in a while I’ll peek in from work and see how he’s doing. It’s still somewhat surprising (but nice) that he can sleep so long uninterrupted by the sounds of us doing things at night or me getting ready for work in the morning.

So, what’s new? Reading! He and I will have him read sometimes at bedtimes (sometimes he insists) and it’s always interesting. We picked out three little simple books last night and he just zoomed through the first one, then a few words kept catching him on the second. Usually when he gets hung up on a word (or a letter: b is often mistaken for a d) it stays that way for a while, even from one page to the next. Other times he’ll read a complicated word and I’m sure he’s figured it out from the picture. By the third book last night he was getting pretty tired, but you could tell he felt very proud of himself.