A Time To Eat

A common scene around our household: young string bean messing with his food while parent A or parent B sits idly by. Yesterday his incentive to finish up the meal was making popcorn balls with daddy. “What color should they be?” I asked. “Red!” he said without any hesitation. So red popcorn balls they were, well, more of a pink. I think he was mostly excited by the prospect of making and having his very own popcorn ball. About half way through eating one he broke it in half and handed a piece to me saying, “Zane sharing.” He’s NEVER done that with his parents before. I don’t know if he was feeling magnanimous or simply had enough.

I’ve noticed over the past week or so that he’s become a real chatterbox. Some kids are really quiet and others carry on a constant dialog. Zane’s been somewhere between, maybe a bit more on the quiet side. But lately he’s a real talker, in conversations with us or just little monologs of his own. Oh, and a listener. Faith said something to me last night over dinner in reference to Zane, and he picked up on what she meant and responded to it. “How’d he do that?” she said. “Well, he’s learning english,” I said helpfully. He also wants to include friends. Whenever he sees something, gets a toy, or even a popcorn ball he starts listing off his friends he wants to share it with.