A Sunday Hike

Saturday we did a bunch of chores around the yard, hung up the hammock in a better place, swam in the little swimming pool for a while and finished the night with a movie.

For Sunday we started off with a quick breakfast and then off to hike up to and around Boston Lot Lake! I forgot to turn the GPS on until about halfway through, but even so it looks like we hiked about 3 miles.

It was a little hard to stay on the trail … er, because he’s five? Well, Raz didn’t do a good job staying on the trail either so maybe it’s just our upbringing. Maybe if we tracked all of the little side trails and diversions it would add up to another quarter mile? Needless to say the last few blocks of the hike (downhill) he was starting to feel a little weary. Luckily there was a pink frosted donut in his future to help revive spirit and mind!

Sadly, it still wasn’t noon. That meant a whole day to try and kill and, as he put it, “there is nothing for me to do ever”. After dinner we relaxed and watched Wall-E, which I think is one of his favorites these days.