A Short Cat Tale

I’m not going to spoil the ending. Nope, just a boy and his cat on a Sunday afternoon. What could possibly go wrong?

At this point we’ll have to ask Grandma Henricksen to leave the room. Sorry about that, really.

Is she gone yet? Yes? Ok.

You see, he’s combing the cat with a cracker. He’s also eating the cracker. Apparently this is some kind of complex new thing the kids are doing today. It took a little while for us to catch on to this complicated procedure he was performing. Comb. Cracker. Chew. Repeat.

Ok, you can let his Grandma back into the room.

Now, you know and I know that this isn’t going to end well. Tails are precious. Tails are personal. And, well, cats aren’t always the most understanding animals on the planet.

It was a short whack. It also looked like a claw-free whack. But it was a whack all the same. Afterwards Zane was kind of stunned, not sure which way to go on the emotional roller-coaster. Kitty hit him! After some chin quivering he chose the cry-my-little-eyes-out ride.

Probably didn’t help that Zane had a nasty, green-boogerfied cold all weekend which transmogrified into an ear infection. By bedtime last night he was a very unhappy kid, cat whack or not.