A Saturday Timeline

A busy and fun day in Zaneville. A daycare center in White River Junction had their Touch-a-Truck day, which featured a couple dozen trucks and tractors and other vehicles all opened up and free for kids to “drive” and crawl in and out of. There was also a fair over in Enfield that the three of us went to in the evening. All in all I shot over 50 photos and a half dozen movies on the iPhone.

Let’s look at it in chronological order (hover mouse over pictures for more details).

7:33am hearty breakfast
8:02am waiting as dad loads up trash and recycling
9:34am dump run complete, stop in Home Depot for a few things
10:01am Touch-a-Truck Day: First stop the School Bus!
10:13am Four stops total at the excavator. Zane really, really would like one of these for xmas
10:18am Bulldozer – how to explain these “wheels”?
12:42pm Time for a Nap
5:51pm Dinner finished, the dog needs to visit the woods
6:33pm Zane’s very first amusement park ride, the Bumble Bee (with Dad) $3 each for less than two minutes.
6:51pm Second ride all by himself as the passenger in a Jeep (note smiley Mom in background)
7:02pm Hey, no tickets for this ride and no time limit, weee!! Also note the cool new sunglasses given to him by a girl he knows.
8:05pm Time to clean the scrapes on his knees and wash off a day of hard earned dirt before heading to bed.

Here’s a quick video of his first two rides.