A Saturday Arctic Expedition

Time to try something new: biking! Except it was only 32 degrees out, with a brisk wind sending the wind chill much lower. I suggested we bike the flat rail trail and see how the big bridge construction project is coming along. Lots of cranes and other equipment that a young man enjoys. “I think maybe the hospital.” He and Faith sometimes take the bus up there, hit the playground, an indoor kids play thing, maybe even eat in the cafeteria. No bus on Saturday means we’d have to bike it, which involves at least one steep hill. “Hmm, I don’t know.” was the best I could get out of him as we headed down the rail trail.

Got to the first intersection and he decided the hospital was the way to go, even though we’d already biked over a mile the opposite direction. Riding towards it, into the teeth of the wind, we had to stop and make a wardrobe adjustment for the ear’s sake. Then it was onward and upward! Here’s a map of his route: DHMC ride

After 4.6 miles we made it! He only walked a little bit on the steepest section of a long hill, afterwards he climbed a bunch of other hills without any problem. At one point on the ride back he admitted “My legs aren’t even a little bit tired! Is that good?”

Part of the incentive was that maybe we’d go to McDonald’s and have a happy meal. He’d been asking to go for months, but we never go there except for on the rare occasion when we are traveling. After biking almost ten miles and helping me with all of the other chores and grocery shopping we stopped and he had a happy meal. Maybe it was all of the biking, but that was the fastest I’ve ever seen him eat anything!