A REALLY good boy...

Since coming back from his cousin’s house Zane has had one thing on his mind: play-doh hamburger maker. He might not mention it for a day or so, or he might mention it a few hundred times a day, depending on a particular parent’s luck … or lack thereof. We had to run some errands and go to Home Depot this weekend and he kept reminding me that we need to go to *mart and pick up a hamburger maker. The night before we’d been talking about it and I mentioned that his birthday was coming up in less than two months and maybe he’d get one then. That didn’t work. I tried to explain that we don’t just buy things whenever we think of them, that there are birthdays and holidays and sometimes when he’s a good boy. Well, that last part just kind of slipped out, but being a lawyer in training he instantly jumped on it. “I’m a good boy! Daddy? I’m a REALLY good boy!” And, it’s true, he is a really good boy. Still, I tried my best to explain things, which probably didn’t register at all since he’d discovered a loophole.

We went to Home Depot but didn’t go to *mart. I suggested he write to his cousin and thank her for letting him play with her hamburger maker and that maybe he might get one for his birthday. We wrote a nice email, included a few Zane pictures, and that seemed to help. For an hour.

I’m not saying I caved in or anything, but the next day I discovered one of the *marts had a hamburger kit ON SALE