A real card

A real card

Zane is admiring the handiwork of his cousin Dana, who made a birthday card for me this week. Thank you Dana! And speaking birthdays, Happy Birthday Maddy!

Lots of crawling, standing, crawling, and standing yesterday. We both think that he overdid it, wearing himself out. This being reinforced by him going to bed an hour early and still snoozing almost twelve hours later.

He’s been a little tough to feed these days, not only milk but the solid meals he gets three times a day. Sometimes we give him a toy as distraction while we wedge spoonfuls into his mouth. I make faces and noises to get him smiling long enough to sneak a little more food in. He’s eating a lot more finger food, but he also likes to “transport” it from the food tray to the floor … and us without a dog!

As for drinking milk, well, that’s a whole other complication. Often when we try to give him the bottle he’ll push it away in horror, crying if we persist. A minute, sometimes only seconds, later he’ll suck down the whole bottle. Other times it’s hit and miss with an ounce here, play-play-play, another half ounce, play-play-play, and so forth. He doesn’t seem to mind but it’s wearing the two of us out.

The books we’ve read say that the mother’s milk is the best thing for a baby, nutrient wise, both in helping him grow and keeping him healthy, and that solids are still a supplement, something to get him used to. So we’ve set a rough goal of mommy milk Zane needs to consume. Days he doesn’t drink enough usually end with him waking in the middle of the night. Since we track it all in a spreadsheet we know if one of us needs to feed him a couple hours after he goes to bed, when he’s too tired to put up any fuss.

I had the revelation the other day that, hey, we could do this any time he sleeps. If Faith is having a hard time getting milk into him during the morning she need only wait until his mid-day nap. Sure enough, it works. Still, you have to wonder about it. Can you imagine waking up rested AND well fed? What if he decides that he’d like to take all of his meals in bed, in sleep?

“Good night Baby Zane and don’t forget to eat all of your vegetables.”

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