A Pixelated Life

iChatting with Aunt Laura last night and we used a feature where it overlaid our image over a photo, but that got a little pixelated from all of the “live” Zane action. Sadly, shortly after the chat was over he lost his cookies. This after having the stinkiest diaper ever an hour earlier! Winter or not, we had the backdoor open for over an hour trying to get some fresh air into the house. Zane had a slight fever but the rest of the evening he was mostly his normal self. A few hours after bedtime he woke up crying and had a higher fever, then again at 3am. It’s 10am and he’s just starting to wake up… lucky dog (says a rather tired old man).

Some nap time shots from the past week because I never grow tired of seeing all of the different ways and places he ends up sleeping.

p.s. Happy Birthday Uncle John!