A Note to Dad

Yesterday I was working on getting things ready to smoke Pastrami while Zane was wandering around doing some kind of project. At one point he walks up to me, a piece of paper in one hand and a little suction cup dart in the other, trying to get the suction cup to stick to the paper.

Z “Daddy how to make suction cup stick to paper?”
J “It won’t, you need something smooth and flat”

Off he went, digging through project drawers and boxes before asking:
Z “Daddy will it stick to wood?”
J “If the wood is really smooth and flat”

Next he has a big tongue depressor, doing the same thing with the suction cup.

Z “It’s not sticking to this wood. What can I use?”
J “Plastic will usually work”

Some time after that he’s on the couch with his little suction cup dart shooting bow, trying to get the cup stuck to a big piece of plastic. I show him how to put a little moisture on it and we get it to stick. He instructs me to go back into the kitchen so he can shoot me a message. The aerodynamics were a bit off, but I got the message …

Which all makes sense now: a post-it stuck to a wooden stick that was taped to plastic.

The translation, in case it’s not obvious: “I lav you dad”. I thought he’d forgot the ‘u’ in ‘you’ until I noticed that he simply made a smiley out of it. He’s such a sweetie.