A Little Tolerance

Ah, these cool fall days when one can relax and forget the worries of the day. Things like, “Why is Mom trying to feed me?!” “Daddy?” “Why is Mom trying to feed me?!” “Daddy?” “Curious George? Curious George?”

Zane developed (or, perhaps, expanded) his daddy-centric attitude over vacation. I’m sure that I didn’t help at all since I’m such a push over. Zane and I woke up and went down for breakfast a couple mornings around 6am and I think he decided that’s the way it should be. So the next morning when there’s no dad, no hotel, and mom is trying to change the diaper, get him dressed, and feed him breakfast all he could counter with was an hour of crying, refusing food, and demanding Curious George.

Oh, dad bought a Curious George movie while we were on vacation. As if he wasn’t getting enough of that monkey already.

When I get the time hopefully I’ll type up some more about the vacation. It was fun, it was busy, we swam a lot, and we came home tired. Faith bought a cool little shape/color thing for Zane and he played with that quite a bit. It’s great to hear him pick up a piece and correctly say “oval”, “diamond”, “Try Angle” or “wreck TAN gull” and then put it in the right slot. His coordinate and reasoning skills improve daily, as does his talking.