A little help here?

A little help here?

Zane came to the office with me yesterday (we drove this time) and it was your basic alternating action and sleep packed morning we’ve had before. He was a bit mellower overall and didn’t cry the whole day.

Until the Jumperoo arrived… (p.s. be sure to view the user images on that page!)

This was Faith’s idea and since I was getting stuff from Amazon anyways I included it in the order. Ever since Zane was a little six month old baby in Mom’s tummy he’s been jumping and kicking his legs. So what better than a babysitter that is powered by baby legs?

Except, Dad doesn’t tend to read assembly instructions and, as you can see, the first test run ran into one minor setback. It made for a really good laugh for everyone at the office.

Seat assembled properly our little McBoingBoing was all set to go. He’s still a bit small for the seat and his toes just barely skim the ground; quickly solved by a seat cushion or phone book underneath and some blankets for seat shims. The brightly colored plastics on the front go into a rather frenetic song and flash routine whenever baby bounces enough — which Zane even managed to do once.

I suspect he’ll wear this out.