A Green Christmas

A package arrived yesterday for Zane from the Henricksen Grandparents. Inside was the most wonderful thing a 2.5 year old (well, 2.6 today) could ever dream of: A TRACTOR TREE! There’s tractors of all shapes and sizes gracing the branches along with little clip on cows and red berries.

You can pretty much guess what he did the rest of the day.

Last night he was tugging on the tree and calling to me, “A Little Help?” He really wanted the green and yellow pickup truck. I helped pull it off, cleaned off the glue, and then we loaded it up with some cows and he drove around for an hour or so. Later in the evening he started pointing to other tractors stuck to the tree, “More? Tractor?” “Tell you what Zane, you get to have one tractor a day from the tractor tree. You’ll need to wait for tomorrow.” I suggested. An advent calendar of sorts, but with tractors hot glued to a small tree. That seemed to meet with his approval, although later he asked again, perhaps thinking a day had passed.

It’s been a movie week here at the house. Here’s one from last night as I was putting him to bed and Zane took a more proactive approach to brushing.