A Good Stretch

A good stretch

Eat, eat, eat, sleep, sleep, sleep, and toss in a little stretching to make room for more eat, eat, eating and grow, grow, growing.

Faith had her first opera show last night. It runs for another couple weeks should you be interested in attending. The opera is Turando and plays at the Lebanon Opera House.

While Faith was on-stage being all dramatic, Zane and I were on the back porch trying to keep drama levels down. He likes to sit out back and listen to the waterfall and help me feed the fish (they make big kissy fish noises!). And then we’ll see how many frogs we can spot, maybe even venture close enough to touch one.

After feeding the fish we sat back to enjoy the Sunset and the lovely evening. I looked up and trotting across the back edge of our lawn (same place where the deer and turkey play) was a stunning looking Red Fox.

It was a beautiful animal, pity that the camera was downstairs. I said “Hello,” as I tend to do, and it stopped to look at Zane and I for a little while before casually walking across the remainder of the back yard and slipping away into the woods.