A Family Hike

Saturday we all piled into the car and went for a nice, long hike on the trails that I usually go mountain biking on. To make things easier we parked one car at the south entrance and then started the hike on the north end. If you look at this map you can see most of the trail, although we added an extra half mile or so towards the end to go see the beaver dams.

Zane was explaining to us how slippery roots and all of that were no problem for him, because he would just jump away if he started slipping or he would slow the fall down. in other words, defy reason AND gravity all at once! “:^) At one point he announced “I can jump like the wind!”

We saw lots of fun stuff. Red efts all over the place along with mushrooms galore. At first Zane would stop and insist I take a photo of him with the mushrooms, but that was short lived. His attention then turned to making “power jumps”, climbing rocks, and explaining to us mere mortals how nothing worried him.

He hiked the whole way, only trying to talk me into carrying him for the last block or so.