A Christmas Tree Adventure

There’s probably lots of things from our trip down the road to cut a tree that might be told, but really there’s only one part that needs to be told.

We were wandering through the trees, me trying to engage Zane in the act of picking a tree while he wasn’t really engaged with anything. His cold is doing much better but still I was trying to get a tree quick and get him back in the warm car. My queries about this tree or that were mostly ignored. He approached the tree above and said, “Let’s get this one Daddy.”

“Well, that one wouldn’t hold your decorations.” I replied, while thinking it might be nice to have a really small tree. “It’s pretty small and scrawny.”

“Like me.”

“You aren’t scrawny and I think you are probably bigger than that tree!”

He seemed to like that answer, smiling and not saying anything more about it. I found one nearby which looked like it would fit the low ceiling in our basement, cut it, and we (ok, I) dragged it to the trailer, which ended up being the fun part of the trip for him.