A busy day

Sunday after a hearty breakfast we all went out for a hike in the nearby woods. Now that the weather has warmed up Zane has been walking further and faster with less need for his parents carrying him. In fact we took the jogger along but the only one who tried to get in it was Raz on the way back. Now we just need to train the two of them to stay out of the middle of the road and to not plop down on the road to eat rocks!

After our big hike we packed up the car, ran a couple errands, and went back to the playground Zane and I discovered on Saturday. Being a warmer, sunny day there were a lot more kids milling about. Zane was everywhere while Raz won all of the little kid’s hearts.

Not surprising he was starving when we got home and then collapsed for his nap. Afterwards he was up and ready to rumble, helping us out a little with the yard work. So far his favorite chore is picking up rocks and dropping or tossing them. He also enjoys smelling flowers.

Here’s the two “boys” poking and chewing around in the woods.