A Brief Side Trip

We were headed to the car to drive into town and the playground. Zane says, “Go in woods. Raz needs pee.” Well, who can argue with that especially when we are trying to train Zane in the same manner (well, to tell us when he needs to go, not to go in the woods). So off we go, like a herd of turtles, into the woods.

This turned into two things: Zane exploring (very slow) and Raz escaping (very fast). I alternated between calling Raz back and keeping Zane from eating things he found or veering too far afield. Half way through our Safari Zane announced, “Zane go poop in the woods!” I tried to explain that it’s not very easy to do, but he was insistent and even started pulling down his own pants. I showed him how to “sit” with his back against a tree, which was very complicated and didn’t work too well, and he tried to go bathroom for about twenty seconds before getting distracted by the next thing.

Eventually we made it out of the woods and headed towards my old red car project, which Zane is totally fascinated with. Usually when it has rained recently there are slugs (snugs) and snails climbing all over the clothe car cover. Not today, but he looked around and eventually found some in the grass. We took the car cover off and peeked inside (someone has been living in there), and then Zane explained all of the car parts and how he’d like to show the red car to all of his friends. At the moment his english is a little backwards, instead of “Zane show Jonah red car” it comes out as “Jonah shows red car.” And “want you to help open” is more like “want me to help open.”

Oh, we did eventually make it to the playground. Well, that’s not totally true either. We made it to town and there was a concert in the park so we went there instead. Zane wandered around staring at people, trying to run into the orchestra, swinging, climbing trees, chasing kids, and trying to steal toys from babies.