A Boy's Best Friend

Zane and Raz are slowly building up their relationship. I’m not sure if Zane knew what to do, having a dog of his own and not just seeing it walk by with someone else. Last night they were playing together and it seemed that Raz did his best not to bite or knock Zane over while Zane returned the favor. Lots of giggling involved. Still some learning for both. Raz is learning not to nibble and jump on people. Zane is, hopefully, learning not to pull tails and to keep his food to himself.

I’ve posted a few Raz photos on my weblog. Maybe Raz needs his own website now? “:^)

UPDATE: Faith just IM’d to say that Zane had his first #1 in the potty. He was sitting on it naked while they read books and she didn’t even notice it happened until after he got up. Still some work to do of course: ten minutes later he did a #2 in his diaper.